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"When this song drops,

I want all the West coast people to give up

some love when this song come up

Y'all about to go crazy"

-'Hit 'Em Up!' Tupac Shakur


The 1998 Deck is the Ultimate deck for the Hip Hop aficionado. The lyrics above were part of Tupac's rage driven track that made the biggest hip hop rivalry in the known world go public. The war led to an unfortunate end with the lives of the two most iconic personas in the hip hop lexicon being snuffed out. This is also a deck dedicated to the california rap gods, So the recently departed Nipsey Hussle makes an appearance in the deck as the Big Joker.

While I honor our hip hop history, I believe in keeping your rivalry on the card table. Don't lose a few (Spades) books and say something to your cousin you can never take back! The indomitable spirit of Tupac Shakur leads this deck as the King of Spades with Lauryn Hill by his side as the Queen. His greatest adversary Biggie is embodied in the image of the King of Hearts. This deck is designed for the spades player, but can be used for all of your favorite card games. Play Cards with the Gods of Rap! 


To see the designs of all of the other soldiers in this table war click HERE

1- The 'Hit Em' Up' Deck

  •  We can only accept unopened, untampered boxes, with the plastic and seal intact. Buyer pays return shipping

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