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IT'S THE HIT SQUAD! The 90s are back!

This set is named after one of the first Hip Hop Supergroup lead by EPMD. (A Childhood favorite) I've made it very easy for you to do just that with the 'HIT SQUAD'. The easiest deck purchase includes ALL of my designs, so you and your family don't have to choose between Biggie, Buju or Master P you can have all 6 decks at the lowest price they've ever been.

Click HERE to Shop.

You are about to be in the presence of 90s GODS. Play to win!

HitSquad2_b copy.jpg

The 27 year old Case of the death of hip hop legend Tupac Shakir has been reopened. Sept 29th 2023, Duane "Keefe D' Davis has been arrested in connection with Tupac's murder. While we all watch the drama unfold, enjoy this deep discount on the Hip'Em Up Deck. This is the deck dedicated to Tupac as he is the King of Spades. May he Rest in Power for all of his days.


Shop The "2 Packs of 2Pac"  Sale  Here!

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