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It's Pac vs Big in this Ultimate Matchup.

In the 'Who Shot Ya?' Deck Biggie is the King of Spades while 2pac is the King of Hearts. In the 'Hit 'Em Up Deck' the roles reverse and Pac is the King of Spades while Biggie is King of hearts. Both beautifully designed decks with different artworks pit these heavy hitters head to head and it's YOUR job to see who comes out on top


Each Deck is named for the famous diss song launched by the king of Spades against the heart King in one of the most epic and memorable hip hop beefs in history.  The end of this particular beef was tragic. So while we honor these hip hop giants, let's keep the war on the card table, shall we? ;-)


Grab the 'EastCoast / West Coast' Bundle and Go to War with the Gods of Rap! 


There are so many other hip hop legends in these decks like DMX, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill and Outkast:

For more Images in the 'Who Shot Ya?' Deck Please click HERE.

For more Images in the 'Hit Em' Up' Deck Please click HERE.

The East Coast / West Coast Bundle

  • Grab this Bundle and go to war on your kitchen table. It's a great way to find out who REALLY one in the battle between these two giants.

  • I only accept unopened, untampered boxes, with the plastic and seal intact. Buyer pays return shipping

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