THE CONCEPT : The Most Epic Hip Hop Beefs Right On Your Card Table

The 1998 Deck presents the “Whats Beef” Series. This original group has one design left until it’s complete. Each deck is made with the hip hop beefs of the mid to late 90s in mind (East Coast vs Wedt Coast, Kim vs Fox, Nas vs Jay) . They are named after famous diss songs created by the King of Spades to diss his opponent the king of hearts. And since these decks were made for the game of Spades, the King ruled the Entire deck. In the Takeover deck Jay Z is the King of Spades and his opponent Nas is the King of Hearts, but that flips in the Ether deck where Nas is the King of Spades and Jay is the heart. All of the same artists reside in each deck but with different suits and different art. This way you have the opportunity to bang with your favorite king as a spade (Biggie, Tupac, Nas and Jay Z) as you run a Boston and rule the table. (13 books!). Once the Pac deck is done (Hit Em Up),  you can grab the whole collection!


This set is named after one of the first Hip Hop Supergroup lead by EPMD. (A Childhood favorite) I've made it very easy for you to do just that with the 'HOLIDAY HIT SQUAD'. The easiest deck purchase includes ALL of my designs, so you and your family don't have to choose between Biggie, Buju or Master P you can have all 5 decks at the lowest price they've ever been.

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You are about to be in the presence of Hip Hop GODS. Play to win!



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WHO SHOT YA? - Led by Biggie Smalls


ETHER - Led by Nas (Nasir Jones)


TAKEOVER - Led by Jay Z


DANCEHALL - Led by Shabba Ranks


HIT EM UP! - Lead by Tupac (Coming Soon)

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